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Bible Society


The Bible Society's mission is to create and inspire a religious awakening for the purpose of solving problems incurred by broken families in black communities.

I promised God I was going to every county in Mississippi and encourage Mississippians to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and focus on Good and Righteousness leading to Moral Character Uplift and Rebuilding Families.

-James Meredith

The James Meredith Bible Society is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. All donations, gifts, bequests, divises, or transfers may be tax deductible.

Bible Society Reading Groups

1. Any person anywhere in the world can start (or join) a Bible Society Reading Group by internet, or by contacting an official James Meredith Bible Society registrar.

2. Each member must promise to read the bible from cover to cover in their own time. For a recommended timetable, click here.

3. Registration information must include country, state, county, and contact information.

4. All reading groups with three or more members must elect officers— President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

4. Membership fees: none— all tides, gifts, donations, and contributions are free will and tax deductible.

The Bible Society Association & Structure

In order to do the will of God according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are establishing the following organization:

   1. General

   2. Colonel — spokesperson, policy makers, elect Generals

   3. Captain — commanders, appoint Lieutenants, vote on policy and promotions

   4. Lieutenants — supervisors of Bible Society Reading Groups, recruiters of members

Become a Member!

James Meredith, the first General of the society will appoint the first 21 associate members, 12 Lieutenants, 6 Captains, and 3 Colonels. All future Lieutenants will be appointed by a General with advice of a Captain. All future Captains will be appointed by General after a confirmation vote by Captains. All future Colonels will be appointed by a General after a confirmation vote by Captains and Colonels. All future Generals will be elected by Colonels.


Everyone has to register with the officer of the office registrars of the James Meredith Bible Society, or online. The registrars are:

  1. James Meredith
  2. Judy Meredith
  3. Delano Funchess 1 (601)-624-2186
  4. J Steven Blake 1 (267)-879-8440

The James Meredith Bible Society is a tax free 501(c)(3) religious organization founded by James Meredith in 2019 to fulfill his last mission from God to focus on Good and Righteousness by reading the bible from cover to cover. Learn more about it here or register online.