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Bible Societies

Registered Bible Society Reading Groups

Bible Society Mission Headquarters

The Bible Society Mission Headquarters Reading Group is a Hinds County, Mississippi-based group formed in 2019. It was the first registered James Meredith Bible Society reading group.

  • James Meredith, Founder, President
  • Judy Meredith, Treasurer
  • Jessica Meredith, Secretary
  • Janae Knight
  • Jylah Knight
  • Jameria Knight
  • James H. Knight
  • Tomika Meredith
  • Abby Flanders
  • Raymond Murphy
  • James Flanders

The Promise Keepers

The Promise Keepers is the first independent and secondly founded James Meredith Bible Society Reading Group. It was formed in January 2021 by Ferdinand McAfee.

  • Ferdinand McAfee, Founder, President
  • Ondrea N Myers
  • Angela M Denman
  • Stephanie H. Warnsley
  • Kara Lindsey
  • Legend Ray
  • Audrey Marsh
  • Jaia Lewis